#naturephotochallenge lac escalier landscape panorama

Nature Photo Challenge

In the recent attempt of Social Network users to make the nature photography viral I was challenged by one of my friends. Naturally (pun!) I have accepted the challenge. And accepting it I have decided to introduce a series of Photomerge Panoramas. From technical point of view the Panorama is a number of images taken deliberately (or randomly) to make …

DIY Slider

What looks like a combination of the mover’s cart and the sewage pipes is in fact a working tool of the cameraman. It’s a portable tripod slider allowing for smooth tracking of the camera on the set. On the set of the Baseline Production doing the three camera interview for the private client.

Working atop the Skyjack Lift

On March 10, 2015 the body of the fallen soldier Sgt. Andrew Joseph Droin was repatriated to Canada. Although this time it was a full Canadian military funeral, the family preferred to keep media away. Therefore all of us were kept behind the fence during arrival. Media kept behind the fence at the CFB Trenton duringĀ Sgt. Andrew Joseph Droin’s body …