Plane Spotting with Canon G1 X

I have already told you what Canon G1 X is not:

  • it is not a macro camera;
  • it is not a camera for taking shots of fast moving objects (i. e. children);
  • it is not a pocket size point-and-shoot camera unless you have huge pockets.
But as some are saying it is a great camera for landscape photography. I can’t see why would anyone use a medium size point-and-shoot camera over a DSLR while getting into a landscape photography. Nevertheless…
What else the Canon G1 X is – big surprise – a plane spotting camera. Above is the photo of the Canadair aircraft taken with the G1 X. Well, it was moving by rather slowly towards the runway.
And just for kicks – two shots (above and below) of the same Embraer 190 were taken at the runway of the Ottawa International Airport few seconds apart with two different cameras: one with Canon G1 X, another with Canon 40D equipped with Canon 100 mm 2.8 Macro lens. I let you guess which one is which. The answer is at the very bottom of the post.

But the main kick is this: the G1 X lens has perfect size for sticking it through the chicken wire airport fence. It is not always the case with some Canon L lenses – the front element may be prohibitively large. Depending on the angle your shot may be needing some serious trimming, or worse you may be unable to get a shot at all.

Yet I have not tried aiming G1 X on fast moving jets, but promise you to try and report back. But for as long as airplane is part of the landscape you are in business.

Right answer: top – G1 X, bottom – 40D/100 mm. Both images were saved as RAW and processed into JPG with exactly same settings in canon DPP. I can see the difference with the colours being bolder with the former, but the light detailing more superior with the latter. Of course, the 100 mm 2.8 piece of glass did a great job too.

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