#naturephotochallenge lac escalier landscape panorama

Nature Photo Challenge

In the recent attempt of Social Network users to make the nature photography viral I was challenged by one of my friends. Naturally (pun!) I have accepted the challenge. And accepting it I have decided to introduce a series of Photomerge Panoramas. From technical point of view the Panorama is a number of images taken deliberately (or randomly) to make a composite image. It is well described in Photoshop Tutorials.

The one below is the #NaturePhotoChallenge 1 of 7. The panorama was taken at Lac Escalier campground of Mont-Tremblant National Park shortly after sunrise.

Equipment: Canon 5D2, lens Canon 16-35, full wide in P mode, handheld. The Photoshop did a good job balancing exposure across the composite shot.

#naturephotochallenge lac escalier landscape panorama

This photo is available for licensing as via Alamy agency – https://brmo.ca/2iOSAza.
It can also be ordered as print as large to 8 ft across from Pixels – https://brmo.ca/2jlkTJw.

More to come.

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