With over 20 year experience in TV broadcasting I am currently working for number of the National TV networks and Ottawa production studios. My attention to politics and passion to visual arts keep me busy as a freelance ENG cameraman and editor.

In 2011 I helped to launch Sun News Network, and continued there as a cameraman, editor, floor director and technician.

During four years of the company existence I kept covering National news, worked inside the studio and traveled internationally on the Governor General’s and the Prime Minister’s trips.

My career in broadcasting started with local TV in post-Soviet Russia and progressed to teaching visual journalism at the BBC World Service Journalism School.

After moving to Canada I continued my career covering National politics for the Independent Satellite News and CHUM TV, and later working on the local TV shows at A-Channel Ottawa.

Please contact me to learn about my competitive rates at
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, or leave me a message at 1.613.366.5522.