Adonis “Superman” Stevenson

The live to CBS from Tiger Paul Boxing in Montreal involved lighting one position inside the ring.

Adonis "Superman" Stevenson. Photo by Dave Nadkarni.

Adonis “Superman” Stevenson. Photo by Dave Nadkarni.

Here you see Adonis Stevenson lit, miked up and ready to go.

Tiger Paul Boxing ring with the lighting

The lighting included two Lowel softboxes for the foreground and a dimmed down Lowel Pro on a tall stand for a back light. In the bottom left you see another Lowel Pro flagged down with the foil to accentuate the hot pink walls and punching bags in the background.

150327 Adonis Superman 05

Here is Adonis. You can see the framing in the flip-out LCD monitor.

150327 Adonis Superman 02

One more ring shot for the full measure.

The work was done for CBS, TeleAntenna and SkyFly Productions. Thank you all!

The top photo by Dave Nadkarni.

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